What’s in my makeup bag!

just a quick tag I guess to show what make up products I am currently using. So the first is soap and glory’s thick and fast mascara I got it just a week ago in boots they had a 3 for 2 offer. It’s amazing!! It’s more pricey then what I’d usually spend but I’m so in love with it.

just behind that is the benefit smokin eyes kit, I’ve got this kit for my last two birthdays and it honestly lasts me the full year I use the brow zings to define my brows everyday and it’s still lasts the year. I use the eye shadows ‘pink highlight’ ‘pewter base’ and ‘deep charcoal’ on the occasional night out. 

Lid stuff is another by soap and glory( as I said they had a 3 for 2) the shades are vanilla, pink T, mudhoney and aubersheen. It’s a nice palette you need to use with a primer as the shades are light but that’s ok. the shades are exactly what I was looking for. So I was very happy with it.

in the front is a catrice gel eye liner, cheap and cheerful, last all day cant complain.

confessions of a concealaholic by benefit is just peaking through at the back, again I got this for my last two birthdays.it comes with two shades of boiing, erase paste, eye bright, Lemmon aid, that gal and two brushes with two brush heads each (if that makes sense). As I said I loved it for the first year and a half my skin has kinda become to use to it and it’s starting to make under my eyes slightly dry. But I’ll stick with it untill this one is used up.

next is show good face by soap and glory. I usually use Rimmel foundations but I needed a change. I wouldn’t  usually spend that much on a foundation but again I’m a sucker for 3 for 2 offers. I’m not really sure how I feel about it yet (only have it a week) but I’ll keep you posted 😉 

rimmel blusher is next I use the shade pink rose it’s very nice and natural and works perfectly with my skin tone.

my artdeco foundation brush is next, it’s fine I wouldn’t say I love it but I refuse to buy a new one until this one is falling apart. 

And my lastly my artdeco bronzer wheel thing. Don’t know the name its a sample but it just split in two one side is light and the other side is darker, the usual. 

Sorry this is so long I didn’t mean for it to be an essay but what can ya do :/ 

thank you 🙂 Image


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