Skinny girl hate!

When I started this blog I never intended to do any “serious” post…cause where’s the craic in that? But when something annoys me enough I have to speak out about it. Even if only one person reads this atleast I’ll have got it off my chest! 

Literally every time I go on Facebook someone has liked or shared an image similar to these.





It disgusts me that in this day and age people feel the need to slate other girls on their bodies, I understand that in some cases these posts are just trying to prove something to the fashion industry but why is it ok to build one body image up and tear another one down? 

I was never happy with my body growing up and I’m still not happy with it but at 20 atleast now when someone says “oh my god do you eat?” I can turn around and tell them to go fuck themselves. At 13 I would have probably just spent the day crying, this isn’t a sob story by any means I’m a healthy girl that loves food…a little bit to much. I’m just trying to say we have to be careful about what we post online, you never know what kind of knock on effect you might have on someone by carelessly liking or sharing a silly picture.

I could rant on about this topic forever but the point is everybody’s shape is beautiful and if you disagree then please keep that thought to yourself no one needs to hear it. 

and lastly 





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