The “best” of the 90’s!

These are my most embarrassing fashion moments of the 90’s.

Button sided tracksuits.

Image These were the coolest things in the world to own, me and my friends use to ripe open the sides of each other’s in a bid to embarrass each other in front of boys but really the tracksuit in itself is embarrassing enough.

Reeboks, Mini skirts, weird striped glove socks.


Yes, this is an outfit that me and my friends wore for an entire spring/summer. it’s beyond me how we we’re let out like this for starters Ireland in not warm enough to wear a mini skirt in spring…or summer for that matter. Toe socks are very uncomfortable, and reeboks are just gross. I’m not even sure if this was a trend I’m pretty sure we just made it up.

Combat pants.


I’m sure everyone remembers how popular combat pants were? Well I at the age of let’s say 11 decided to take things a step further… And this was the result


Yes I’m wearing sky blue combats with strings out the sides and a matching sky blue top. And my hair is crimped…lovely.

90’s accessories.


Ahhhh i need one of those bags again, everything else can stay in the 90’s though.

And one more embarrassing picture to finish this post off


Yeah I thought I was scary spice.

I hope this post makes you think about your cringe-worthy fashion moments.


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