Favourite beauty products!

It’s been the longest time since I did a beauty related post, most of these products I’ve had for a while now but I love them and have continued to love and use them. So the first part of this post im gonna do my favourite basics and the second part is my favourite lip products


Naked palette one. I got this as a gift for Christmas, before I got it I didn’t understand the fuss around it but now I 100% get it. Amazing!
Artdeco camouflage 3. Such a great concealer its not to heavy but it covers everything.
Bourjois healthy mix. Shade 52 vanilla, got it just under a month ago and I love it. Its the most natural foundation I’ve had in a long time. its lovely and dewy I’ll definitely be re-purchasing.
Soap and glory thick and fast. Wrote about my love for this before, since then I’ve bought a new one but its the older version the brush isn’t as good but I’ll just use the old brush in the new tube when I run out.
Soap and glory lid stuff. Again I wrote about this before, since getting the naked palette I don’t use them as eyeshadows I just use the brown colour for my eyebrows and I prefer it much more then the benefit wax I used before.

I love lipstick, it’s by far my favourite beauty product to purchase and use. Here are my all time favourites

Mac Hue. Really nice everyday lipstick I’d usually wear with a darker lip pencil to darken it up as light lipsticks don’t suit me aswel as darker shades.
Mac girl about town. I got this two years ago and its honestly the best lipstick I’ve ever had it last the whole day/night and its just the most perfect shade. I love it more then I should love a lipstick.
Rimmel Kate moss collection 101. Really pretty day time pink and I love that its matt thats a huge bonus.
Limecrime Poisonberry. I wanted the limecrime collection forever my hopes were so high I was worried it would disappoint but its definitely didn’t it’s a great formula and amazing shades. I want them all!
Unknown(sorry) I’m pretty sure I robbed this lipstick from my sister and there’s no name on it if you recognise it comment below 🙂 but its one of my favourite lipsticks to wear out the shade is very goth but cool and it lasts all night.
Artdeco lip pencils 19 and 48. Really nice with the mac hue there very similar 19 is matt and 48 is shimmer.
Feel free to recommend any lipsticks to me as im always on the lookout.

Thank you 🙂


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