What is my face worth!

I love the idea of this tag, I just seen it for the first time yesterday. The idea of seeing whats in other ladies makeup bags and actually knowing the price they paid and the grand total is just so interesting for my nosey self. I’m going to include skin care products, my everyday products and the lipsticks I wear the most. I haven’t counted anything that was a gift or any makeup brushes because I purchased my brushes through college (makeup artistry course) so yeah lets get started…Ahhh im scared!

Skin care


● Botanics all bright cleanser cream*
● Botanics Hydrating day cream all bright €9 (two for €9 in boots)
● Simple facial wash €4.99
● cheaper version of clarisonic €49.99

Everyday products


● Soap and glory thick and fast mascara €11.99
● Soap and glory lid stuff €11.70
● Artdeco camouflage cream 03 €10.80
● Rimmel blusher €5.85
● Maybelline fit me foundation ivory €11.99
● Maybelline fit me stick ivory €8.99



● Maybelline superstay 14 hour stay with me coral €10.49
● Limecrime posionberry €13
● Rimmel kate moss 101 €6.99
● Mac girl about town €19.00
● Mac hue €19.00

Grand total = €193.78
To be honest I don’t think thats that bad…maybe its bad that I don’t think it’s that bad…hmm. I definitely recommend doing this tag for your blog or just for fun.

Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading 🙂


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