Goodbyes are to hard!

So I did the annoying task of cleaning out my wardrobe today…I clean it out probably every two months and everytime I do it there are certain items that I just can’t throw out, some are ok some are just ridiculous. They just hold to many memories and I cant bare to part with them so everytime I clean it out these items are just thrown straight back in.

Pocket jocks.
When I was in transition year (doss year in irish schools) we did an enterprise event where a group of us had to make and sell something…our group made pocket jocks…jocks with pockets we were the joke of the school but we had fun and we sold a decent amount.



The tiny pocket. Sylish and functional!

River Island skirt.
I got this as my Christmas outfit when I was like 12 and for some reason I just can’t part with it, I’ll never wear it again but I still can’t say goodbye.


Fringe skirt.
I was going through a kesha loving faze and I decided I needed these very very short shorts. I’m pretty sure I thought I was kesha although I hate them now I still think I need to keep them for some reason.


Belly dancer skirt.
I got this beauty in Turkey that was 4 years ago and I’ve worn it once…to be honest I’m surprised I wore it that one time…it was Halloween dont judge.


This is beyond slutty I got it in river island…it worrys me that 3 things in this post have been from river island maybe I should stop shopping there. Anyway im surprised I was let out the house wearing it.


Tutu skirt.
This was my first tutu (obviously I have more then one) its the worst quality but I still love it.


Maybe one day I’ll say goodbye to these but im not ready yet. This needs to be made into a tag (if its not already) because I know I can’t be the only girl who has this problem. Hope you guys enjoyed!



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