March Favorites!

Hey guys Just a few random bits that I’ve been really liking this month.

Essence colour & go.
I love essence its the only nail polish I buy it cost €1.75 in penny’s and lasts as long as the
rest. My favourite colour this month is ‘173 over the rainbow’ its a very unicorn colour…anyone else agree? (Please don’t let me be the only one)


Soap and glory stuff.
You know the score, you go into boots needing one thing but theres a 3 for 2 offer so you HAVE to get the 3. Damn marketing! But its ok I love them all.


This is delicious. I love the smell of the sugar range rather then the actual soap and glory smell.


Same story, smells amazing. Works amazing. 


Its a much more subtle smell then the sugar and the soap and glory smell. Its lovely and feels gorgeous.

Rimmel lipstick.
I’m pretty sure its from the Rita Ora range. The colours are so nice and very opaque. Smells delicious to, and a great price I want more!


Penny’s T’s.
Love the new super hero T-shirts in penny’s. So cute, comfy and cheap.



Cookie love
I’m not into sweet things but Oh My God lidl cookies are literally the nicest cookies in the world. Im obsessed. If the lidl near you has a bakery buy one now! They cost 39c and are made fresh daily. Why are you still reading this…go…now


Thanks for reading 🙂


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