What’s in my bag!

Hey guys! Today I said I’d do the what’s in my bag tag. I don’t even think this tag is “cool” in the blogging land anymore but I still find them interesting and I love when people are actually honest and their bag has loads of crap in it.


I got my bag in a shutterbug kilo sale. Its abit battered but it was 5 euro so I can’t complain.


My purse is from river island it was a gift from my lovely friend for my 18th birthday.


My nikon camera.


I didn’t think I had this many lipsticks in my bag. I think most of these featured in my “what my face is worth” tag.


The black earphones don’t work so of course I still have them in my bag! Work locker key and house key nothing exciting there.


I was out last Saturday and the night club I was in had a photo booth…how cool! So I just left that in my bag. My little travel perfume is Dolca and Gabbana the one, I love it again it was a gift from my lovely brother and his wife. I carry a toothbrush everywhere I just hate being without one. Like ya know when you eat something sugary and your teeth feel like shit aftwards…ugh I hate it!


Mini rubex cube and foot bottle opener…what every girl needs. And a sanitary towel…what girls actually need!


Out of date passport (90 euro to renew it? It can wait) and a
voucher for a shopping centre in kilkenny.


The ugliest picture in the world of me and my boyfriend. I don’t know why it’s in my bag.


And rubbish.

Thanks for reading 🙂



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