Pamper day!

Hey guys today was my first day off in a few days I had no exciting plans and was a bit moody…ok alot moody! So I said I’d relax and pamper myself for the day, so this is my treat day routine.


I started by giving myself a mini pedicure. My feet are the bane of my life they get ridiculously itchy…have I shared to much? 😛 so I just got rid of the dead skin and moisturized them with soap & glory heel genius.


I ran the bath, and exfoliated with botanics exfoliator and exfoliating gloves. When I got out I moisturized my upper body with soap & glory the daily smooth. I left out my legs because I was going to epilate afterwards.


I applied Lush the sacred truth fresh face mask. I was never really into face masks but lately my skin has been struggling so I said I’d give it a go. So far I don’t notice a difference but I’ll stay using it because I hate wasting money. I left it for 15 minutes, after I washed it off and dried my skin I applied Lush skin drink moisturiser which I really love it’s the first time I’ve spend more then €4 on a moisturiser and I really love it.


I then epilated my legs which doesn’t sound like it belongs in a ‘treat day’ post but it has to be done. I used my Braun silk epil 3, I then applied Re-gen cream it was my first time using it but I’ve heard lots of good things my legs are very spoty and just gross I thought epilating would help with ingrown hairs which it has but they are still spoty so im hoping this cream does the job if anyone has any tips on perfect legs please do share (I exfoliate and moisturise every second day)



I then watched orange is the new black and had tea and a lidl cookie…delicious. 

Thanks for reading and have a pamper day for yourself 🙂



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