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Healthy Lunch ideas

So as I mentioned in my last post I recently started a new job. Its right in the centre of town so for the first few days I ate in town…After about 5 over priced average lunches I finally got a grip and start making my own, here are my current favourite homemade lunches.



High in protein and fiber and its really filling and tasty. I put my quinoa in a saucepan with boiling water and a stock cube, it usually takes 15/20 minutes making sure to stir regularly. I cut a chicken breast and flavour it separately and cook In the oven. I chop cucumber, olives, tomatoes and feta cheese. Drain my quinoa add my chicken veg and some soya sauce…a little bit time consuming but so worth it.

Curry pasta.


So easy and fast to make. I Cook my brown pasta, chop half an onion, grate carrot and throw in whatever veg i have or want. Drain my pasta let it cool down and mix light mayonnaise and curry powder in a bowl. Add the sauce to my pasta and veg and your done.

Baked potato.


There’s no explaining this really I buy the baked potatos frozen so I just microwave for 5 minutes and microwave my beans. I have this two days a week because Its so easy and I’ll never get sick of it.

Bean Curry.


I cut an onion add chickpeas and kidney beans to a saucepan add 1 or 2 tins of tomatoes depending on the portion you want add hot curry powder and let simmer. Serve with quinoa or brown rice or in a wrap.

Thats everything for now guys, I hope you enjoyed also I know they don’t look visually delicious but thats just lazy camera work.
Thanks for reading 🙂


Healthy breakfast!

I have been trying hard lately to be a healthier person! I love bold greasy food but I also love healthy food so I’ve decided to be healthy during the week and be bold on a Saturday….and maybe Sunday.  These are the healthy breakfasts that I’ve been really loving lately.

Avacado and poached egg!


So I just mash half an avacado, spread it on brown toast,  poached my egg and put some salt and pepper on it. Really quick and delicious. 

Banana pancakes!



So I mash my banana throw in two eggs and whisk together. I fry with some olive oil and serve with natural yogurt and whatever fruit I have I also sprinkle a mixed seed or flax seed on top! Its a little bit more work and mess but totally worth it.

Oats with almond milk!


Super simple and perfect on a cold morning. Now I know its not the healthiest porige oats you can get and I also added homemade jam for extra sweetness which was totally unnecessary but there are healthier alternatives. And of course a cup of tea to wake me up which I have every morning.

Fruit and yogurt!


Again whatever fruit I have in the house. Some yogurt and whatever seed I have to go on top most days I’ll add granola but I guess that day I wasn’t feeling it.

I hope you guys like this kind of post I’ll do a lunch or snacks one next along with the regular beauty/fashion. I’m definitely no expert I’ve just been really enjoying changing up my diet and sharing is caring so if you guys have any healthy recipes for me to try let me know 🙂