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New job!

Hey guys! I’ve kind of been neglecting this blog recently. I started a new job last week (yay) and I guess it’s taken its toll I’ve had no free days and im so tired after work but im gonna get better because I do miss the blogging land. This is the outfit I wore to work today


By the way you couldn’t see my belly all day just in the picture…I am a professional after all haha

Jacket: H&M.
Top: River Island.
Pants: H&M.
Shoes: Pennys/primark

Anyway hopefully I’ll be back by the end of the week with a Healthy Lunch ideas or a favourites.
Thanks for reading 🙂


I may have wore underwear as outerwear…





Dress: H&M.

Bag: Charity Shop.

Socks: Topshop.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

This outfit was just for a random night out, I was very excited about breaking in my new Jeffrey Campbell’s they are very comfortable but I felt like I had to mind myself in them as the strap doesn’t offer a huge amount of support but I’m sure I’ll get use to them. I realise my dress does look like a night dress hence the caption but I swear it’s not 🙂 also I know I look like a cranky bitch in these pictures but I’m not I just can’t seem to look happy in outside selfies haha

Thanks for reading 🙂


Summer has hit in Ireland! Weeeeee! I’m really hoping it’s gonna last I have a good feeling, Here are some of my summer outfits from the last few days.


Top: River Island (actually a dress)
Shorts: H&M
Flower crown: Pennys


Top: Pennys
Skirt: Shutterbug
Sunglasses: Robbed from sister…maybe?


Skirt: Forever 21


Shoes: River Island
I’ve had them about four years and there the only thing I wear when the sun comes out.

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 and I hope it’s sunny where you are 🙂

Velvet skirt!

Hey guys, so I bought this really cute velvet skirt (I know I’m supposed to be saving but it was a charity shop buy so shut up. Haha) so I said I’d do a day and night styling post. Hope you enjoy 🙂 




Jumper: Charity shop

Skirt: Charity shop 

Boots: Miista 




Kimono: H&M 

Top: Pair of tights 

Skirt: Charity shop

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell spiked lita’s