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I may have wore underwear as outerwear…





Dress: H&M.

Bag: Charity Shop.

Socks: Topshop.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

This outfit was just for a random night out, I was very excited about breaking in my new Jeffrey Campbell’s they are very comfortable but I felt like I had to mind myself in them as the strap doesn’t offer a huge amount of support but I’m sure I’ll get use to them. I realise my dress does look like a night dress hence the caption but I swear it’s not 🙂 also I know I look like a cranky bitch in these pictures but I’m not I just can’t seem to look happy in outside selfies haha

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Ok so obviously I have been very bold lately. Last week I had a haul post and this week its a shoe unboxing but they were to amazing to pass up. They are the beautiful Jeffrey Campbell Brazen!




How delicious are they? I remember baby spice having a similar pair of shoes. I loved them back then and I love them more now. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them on depop like a month ago in my size I private messaged the seller and she was a rude bitch so I had a look on eBay and I found them there in my size I honestly couldn’t believe it they are so hard to find. And for half the price makes me so much happier. Unikkausa is the person I bought them off she was so lovely and they arrived so fast. I’m sure ye’ll be seeing them in many outfit post.

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Two nights one outfit!

Hey guys! The weekend just gone was a busy one I didn’t want to buy two outfits so I just switched up the same outfit. On the Saturday I had a 50th wedding anniversary (imagine 50 years married!) I also had a 21st later that night.




I dressed for the wedding anniversary I would have wore something more casual to the 21st but I wasn’t bothered changing.
kimono/throw: Charity shop.
dress: H&M.
bag: Charity shop.
shoes: Bershka.

The Sunday night was just a night in Kilkenny I had no plans to wear the same thing but I was hungover and just didn’t care :/ but to be honest I really liked how it turned out I also loved wearing that kimono/throw thing…don’t know what to call it!




top: H&M (it’s the same dress)
shorts: Forever 21.
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

Also can I just take a second to appreciate this amazing handbag? I’m pretty sure it’s Hugo boss and I got it in the charity shop! I really love when that happens!

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How I style…

Hey guys! So I have an obsession with ugly oversized shirts…I don’t go looking for theses “sexy” shirts they just seem to come into my life like any time I’m in a charity shop they catch my eye and I fall for them every time! But I love styling them and tying to make them socially acceptable so why not make a post about it eh? This is how I style ugly oversized shirts.

Outfit one!



I’ve wore this outfit out to dinner and I loved it, the shirt is the most beautiful quality and the colour is amazing this picture definitely doesn’t do it justice.


Shirt: Charity shop

Jeans: River island

Heels: Bershka

Necklace: Pennys

Bracelet: Pennys


Outfit two!


I got this shirt in a vintage kilo sale and to be honest I brought it home and realised I hated it…until now, I guess I just wasn’t styling it right. I feel like its perfect as a beach throw over.

Shirt: Shutterbug

Shorts: H&M

Sunglasses: River island (very hipster sunglasses might I add :/)


Outfit three!


“it was acceptable in the 80’s” or 90’s. I couldn’t not buy this shirt!

Shirt: Charity shop

Shorts: Bershka

Socks: Pennys

Boots: Miista

Outfit four!


I’ve wore this outfit on a couple of nights out at a stage in my life it was the only thing I wore it was my first ugly shirt and I guess I was just abit to obsessed haha

Shirt: Shutterbug

Shorts: Forever 21

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

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Velvet skirt!

Hey guys, so I bought this really cute velvet skirt (I know I’m supposed to be saving but it was a charity shop buy so shut up. Haha) so I said I’d do a day and night styling post. Hope you enjoy 🙂 




Jumper: Charity shop

Skirt: Charity shop 

Boots: Miista 




Kimono: H&M 

Top: Pair of tights 

Skirt: Charity shop

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell spiked lita’s 




Wish list!

ImageCan someone please please please tell me where I can get the Jeffrey Campbell Tardy’s? I have fallen in love with them but they seem to be sold out everywhere! I don’t know when they came out but I’m obviously very behind on the trend. the only ones I have found are the Tardy’s in ice, CB and a weird pink leopard print. I just want them in classic colours (red or black) and I don’t mind if they are velvet or leather. If anyone one knows where I can get them then please let me know. Thanks 🙂