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New job!

Hey guys! I’ve kind of been neglecting this blog recently. I started a new job last week (yay) and I guess it’s taken its toll I’ve had no free days and im so tired after work but im gonna get better because I do miss the blogging land. This is the outfit I wore to work today


By the way you couldn’t see my belly all day just in the picture…I am a professional after all haha

Jacket: H&M.
Top: River Island.
Pants: H&M.
Shoes: Pennys/primark

Anyway hopefully I’ll be back by the end of the week with a Healthy Lunch ideas or a favourites.
Thanks for reading 🙂


March Favorites!

Hey guys Just a few random bits that I’ve been really liking this month.

Essence colour & go.
I love essence its the only nail polish I buy it cost €1.75 in penny’s and lasts as long as the
rest. My favourite colour this month is ‘173 over the rainbow’ its a very unicorn colour…anyone else agree? (Please don’t let me be the only one)


Soap and glory stuff.
You know the score, you go into boots needing one thing but theres a 3 for 2 offer so you HAVE to get the 3. Damn marketing! But its ok I love them all.


This is delicious. I love the smell of the sugar range rather then the actual soap and glory smell.


Same story, smells amazing. Works amazing. 


Its a much more subtle smell then the sugar and the soap and glory smell. Its lovely and feels gorgeous.

Rimmel lipstick.
I’m pretty sure its from the Rita Ora range. The colours are so nice and very opaque. Smells delicious to, and a great price I want more!


Penny’s T’s.
Love the new super hero T-shirts in penny’s. So cute, comfy and cheap.



Cookie love
I’m not into sweet things but Oh My God lidl cookies are literally the nicest cookies in the world. Im obsessed. If the lidl near you has a bakery buy one now! They cost 39c and are made fresh daily. Why are you still reading this…go…now


Thanks for reading 🙂

Paddy’s weekend!

Hey guys, so the most exciting thing ever happened… I had 4 whole days off from work and they just happened to fall on Paddy’s weekend….YAY BEER! I didn’t do anything overly exciting but it meant I could do some OOTD’s. It’s very nice to wear my own clothes and not just a uniform.





I didn’t do much on Saturday I lazed about for the day I forgot how nice it was to do nothing, that night me and the sister had a few cocktails and watched mean girls…it was grool (haha)

Kimono: H&M

Dress: H&M

Boots: River Island






I just met up with the boyfriend we relaxed infront of the tv with bold food for a few hours before going out.

Jacket: Shutterbug

Jumper: Charity shop

Shorts: Forever 21

Bag: Shutterbug


Sunday Night


We just went to a house party and then went into town it wasn’t a wild Paddy’s night but It was still a really good night.

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Shutterbug

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Bag: Nanny’s 





On Monday me and the boyfriend went into a pub in town and watched some hurling match I obviously didn’t care so I had a few drinks and ate some more bold food, afterwards we just walked around town there was random bits of entertainment after the parade so it was nice. 

Cardigan: Bershka 

Shirt: Pennys/Primark

T-shirt: Sisters

Jeans: River Island


Hope you guys had a good Paddy’s weekend wherever in the world ye spent it. Thanks for reading 🙂 

Ps sorry I look so moody in these pictures…I don’t know what’s wrong with my face.


Collective haul!

Just a few bits I picked up in January during the sales, it’s not a huge amount but I’m getting serious about this saving business (hopefully) so this will be my last haul for awhile (again hopefully) I realise how late this post is but my birthday is the end of January so I left it as late as possible. Also you guys have probably seen a lot of these in OOTD’s but that’s ok…so yeah let’s get started.

River Island €12ish

Pennys €5

Pennys €5

Pennys €3

Bershka €9.99

Bershka €9.99

Bershka €9.99

Bershka €9.99

Bershka €7.99

Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂