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Am I an old lady?

I picked up this mac/trench coat in a charity shop last week it was…wait for it…8 euro! Yes 8 euro, I love it but I also feel like an old lady but whatever. I can’t wait till it’s properly wintery so I can wear it.

image image image image




Coat: Charity shop.

Top: Topshop.

Skirt: Charity shop. 

Socks: Tesco.

I wasn’t going anywhere so I didn’t wear shoes but I would have wore a pair of brogues. 

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I may have wore underwear as outerwear…





Dress: H&M.

Bag: Charity Shop.

Socks: Topshop.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell.

This outfit was just for a random night out, I was very excited about breaking in my new Jeffrey Campbell’s they are very comfortable but I felt like I had to mind myself in them as the strap doesn’t offer a huge amount of support but I’m sure I’ll get use to them. I realise my dress does look like a night dress hence the caption but I swear it’s not 🙂 also I know I look like a cranky bitch in these pictures but I’m not I just can’t seem to look happy in outside selfies haha

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Paddy’s weekend!

Hey guys, so the most exciting thing ever happened… I had 4 whole days off from work and they just happened to fall on Paddy’s weekend….YAY BEER! I didn’t do anything overly exciting but it meant I could do some OOTD’s. It’s very nice to wear my own clothes and not just a uniform.





I didn’t do much on Saturday I lazed about for the day I forgot how nice it was to do nothing, that night me and the sister had a few cocktails and watched mean girls…it was grool (haha)

Kimono: H&M

Dress: H&M

Boots: River Island






I just met up with the boyfriend we relaxed infront of the tv with bold food for a few hours before going out.

Jacket: Shutterbug

Jumper: Charity shop

Shorts: Forever 21

Bag: Shutterbug


Sunday Night


We just went to a house party and then went into town it wasn’t a wild Paddy’s night but It was still a really good night.

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Shutterbug

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Bag: Nanny’s 





On Monday me and the boyfriend went into a pub in town and watched some hurling match I obviously didn’t care so I had a few drinks and ate some more bold food, afterwards we just walked around town there was random bits of entertainment after the parade so it was nice. 

Cardigan: Bershka 

Shirt: Pennys/Primark

T-shirt: Sisters

Jeans: River Island


Hope you guys had a good Paddy’s weekend wherever in the world ye spent it. Thanks for reading 🙂 

Ps sorry I look so moody in these pictures…I don’t know what’s wrong with my face.